My Engineering Project - The nasty watery Ketchup/mustard dilemma...

Design Process Steps
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Define the Problem
My problem is that when I first get a bottle of ketchup or mustard, it comes out watery and disgusting sometimes. This problem makes me very angry and frustrated because I don't want to have a watery burger, plus it's just plain disgusting. Some people say you need to, "shake the bottle first," so it's not watery, but I always forget to do so. Ketchup or mustard is not meant to be watery and it makes everyone's life harder when we it is. Watery ketchup is an abomination in today's society and someone needs to fix it.
Brainstorm/Design Solution
automatic shaker, in bottle shaker ball thingy
What I can do to fix this confuzzling conundrum is make a little swisher you put in a bottle of ketchup that has a button that you press that makes it so you never have to remember to shake up the bottle before you just press the button and shazam! You'll never have watery ketchup again. To build it I will take a swisher and connect it to a robotic mover up top to make it swish. Then you will click the button on the robotic mover that will make the swisher swish to get rid of the yucky watery ketchup and leave the good delicious stuff for my burger. This is the most absoulutalutely amazing idea ever invented by me, Matt Grooms.
Build, Test,Gather materials, and Evaluate
When I was gathering materials, ran into some problems with the idea. First of all, when I had to settle for something less convient where you don't just leave it on, but you have to put it in then take it out,(couldn't get the parts.) Second, the protype might not be long enough after a certain amount of ketchup is left, but those are just glitches with the prototype. I guess thats why they call it a prototype. Anyways, I gathered a swisher with a button already on it, and I got the bottle of ketchup. Next, I tested it to see if it worked and it vibrated the ketchup but you had to move it up and down to get it completly unwatery. After it was tested, I evaluated it and I think the idea is great, but I think I should leave this one for large companies with more and better technology. Maybe I should send my idea to Heinz.

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