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My engineering project table

Design process Step
Description of what I did in this step
Define the problem
Over 25,000,000,000 Styrofoam cups are thrown away each day. This all piles up in landfills around the world. That can't be good for Earth. So how do you fix it?
Brainstorm Solution, and Design
Why not make a cup that is edible so you don't have to throw it away. You can just eat it. The edible glass is easy to make and helps a ton of people, not to mention the Earth. It is made out of melted gummies and then put in molds and frozen. It can also be made with Chocolate, Coke, and a ton of other stuff. I made a blueprint of the demensions of the cup I'm planning to make:
Build, Test/Gather materials, Evaluate
In order to make this, I will need 16oz of gummy bears(makes 4 cups), microwavable bowl, microwave, and a mold for glasses. First you have to seperate the colors of the gummy bears.Then, you have to microwave them until they become a liquid. Next, you pour the liquid into the molds. Wait 2 hours and your glasses are suppose to look something close to this:
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS82hmv37CKayB3lJUp6fEP3H3SW4laBPi-xEjhwG0BqrUuaJHC
I tried the gummy bears cups but they didn't turn out right. they didn't stifffen.So they were a gooey mess. they looked liek this(I could barley get them out of the mold):
So, I redesigned it, and made it with chocolate instead.
Basically its the same thing, you just melt the chocolate bricks(they are more waxy than say chocolate chips) and pour it in the cup. instead of putting it in the freezer, you put it in the fridge and it stiffens. They look like this:
I am going to test them by breaking one into a couple pieces(so i don't waste the rest) and dropping the pieces into glasses of 8 different drinks, and waiting 24 hours to see how it affects the chocolate pieces. (and I'm going to take pictures)
Drink #1: water
Drink #2: Milk
Drink #3: crystal light coolaid
Drink #4: Lemon juice
Drink #5: Dr pepper
Before After
Drink #6: cold coffee
I am going to do several things. First, I am going to bring some of my inventions to school and have my classmates review them and write a review for them. Second, I WAS going to bring them to the STEM expo, but I am bringing my science project to it instead. Thrid, I am planning to keep using my inventions, and hopefully, come up with even more things you can make it out of.

My engineering research
The oven

Ancient Times
Middle Ages
Firs people used fire as a form of oven
People began to Make taller chimney like things of brick and mortar
French architect François Cuvilliés invented a wood burning oven called a Castrol oven, or stew oven
Count Rumford invented a working kitchen iron oven
James Sharp invented the first gas oven
Jordan Mott invented first coal oven
Electric ovens replaced gas ovens
Dr. Percy Spencer invented the first microwave oven
What was the problem?
People weren't happy with their cooking methods and wanted to control the heat.

How did they brainstorm?
They began with first how they could control fire, then how to make their improvements better.

How did they design it?
Started with how the could keep the fire safe, then gradualy how they could make it look good, and work great.

Building, testing, and redesgining
They would build their first time, use it for a while, then come up with other design, manufacture it, sell it, people would use it for a while, then start all over again and make something new.

Did they get it right?
The first couple of times there was failures, but eventually they would get it right.

How did they spread the achivement?
They would manufacture the design, and sell it in stores.

My Bibliography

Did they brainstorm
thought of fires, and how they could improve it
How it was desgined
Tested, evaluated, and redesigned
Did they get it right first try
Spread acheviment

fire to wood burning to iron stoves to coal and kerosene to gas to electric to microwaves

started with the fire, then they wanted a way to keep the flames more controled, so they built brick and motar around the flame. Then started useing metal pots to cook food. First actual oven to be built was made of brick and tile in the 1490 in france. Then inventors started to use wood to keep the heat in the oven. They started to contain the fire better. in 1735 they completly covered the flame.