My Engineering project table...

Bag of Sand!!
Design process step
Description of what I did in this step
Define the problem
Most people do sit ups or crunches everyday. My problem is that when I do them, my feet always come up. I decided to think of something that will fix that. I figure that you must have something heavy, but not too heavy. So I will try to figure out how to make your feet stay down when doing sit ups or crunches.
Brainstorm/Design Solution
Sand bags. Suction cups. Bike rack thingy. Make something, hard, that would hold your feet in place. I've decided fill bags up with sand. I will have to decide how big the bag will be first. Then I will decide what material I will use for the bags. I will also have to decide if I will use one bag or two. Then I will have to fill the bags with sand. I will have to see how much sand to put into the bag(s). I will use 2 big ziploc bags. I will fill both the bags to the top with sand. The bags will be taped over the top to make sure the sand is sealed in. When you do crunches or sit ups now, your feet shouldn't come up.
Build Test/Gather materials and Evaluate
I got two big ziploc bags. Then I went to the store to get sand. I filled them both up with sand to the top. I tried using two bags while doing crunches but they were really heavy. So I tried with just one and it worked. One downside is that the bag is heavy for a small girl like me to carry. It works well though. So whenever I do sit ups or crunches now, I will use my bag of sand to keep my feet down.
I will bring in the sand bags to show the class.

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