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Design Process Step
Description of What I Did
Define the problem
The problem I have is my dog drinks a lot of water. He has a big bowl but it doesn't take a long time for him to drink it all. After a couple hours he drinks his whole bowl of water and we have to fill it up. So i have to fill up his bowl at least seven times a day. Filling up his bowl wouldn't be much of a problem but it takes a while to fill it up. So i have to fill up his bowl at least seven times a day.
Brainstorm/Design Solution
One idea I have is to get a jug and fill it with water and set it up. I want to set it up so when he is out of water it will come out of the jug and stop when it is filled up. Another idea is have some kind of container that holds water and will fill the bowl with some kind of hose that is in the bowl. Build a camel back for dogs. Something for him to turn the water on and fill up his bowl. Im going to use my firdt idea to solve my problem. I will need his water bowl, a jug to hold water, platform to hold jug, and water.
Build Test Evaluate
To build my design I will need a container for water, bowl, platform and brackets to hold the container. First i put the brackets on the bowl so it would act as a support for the container. Then i screwed the platform onto the brackets so that i could take off the bottle whenever it was empty. Then i filled the bottle with water to test it and i didnt have to fill up my dogs bowl more than once a day. It only holds a gallon of water so i have to fill it up once a day but not any more than once. Another thing i did for testing was to see how many times it would refill the bowl and it refilled it completely twice.

My Engineering Design Process Project
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