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My Engineering Project - Read And Eat (RAE)
Design process Step
Description of What I did in this step
Define the Problem
Sometimes when I am reading, I get hungry. So I get some food and sit down to eat and read, because I'm in a good spot in my book. The problem is that most of the time, I need two hands to eat and my book keeps shutting. Then I get frustrated and I usually choose reading over eating, and I go hungry. That's not very healthy, but if I stop reading, then I loose interest in the book and don't read it again until the next day at school.
Brainstorm Solution and Design Solution
First, I thought about ways to hold the book.
RAE Blue Print
RAE Blue Print

I also thought about a type of stand and a way
to connect a food tray. I
thought of a tray that has sides that "sandwich" the book. I also thought of a stand on the back so that you could put it on a table, and a stand that can connect on the bottom to hold it on the ground. I was thinking on using a tray like the ones at school to hook onto the bottom to hold food. I originaly thought of trying to add knobs on the sides to tighten the sides and things like that. I also had the idea of connecting cup holders on the sides.
Gather materials, Build, Test, redesign, and Evaluate
My mom had a wooden stand and so I assembled that and decided to build the rest on top of it. We had some food trays for, like, camping or something, and I screwed it onto the stand. My dad helped me to cut up wood, use the drill, and stuff like that. I was originally going to screw on a cup holder from one of the bikes, but decided against it when I thought about how it could be in the way of the person's legs. My dad also let me use two of his tools to hold the book. I let my family (including myself) try out the invention, and I plan on letting some friends try it as well.

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