My Engineering Project Collapsible Luggage

Design Process Step
Description of What I did in this step
Define the Problem
When in a hotel or on a cruise ship and even at home it is hard to store all of your luggage.
However, if you use a duffel bag, which is compact able, the contents in your luggage may get crushed in transit.
Many travelers are now are acutely aware of the weight of their baggage.
First, because one has to carry ones own baggage. Second, because if it is over the weight limit, one will have
to pay the air line a lot of money. Therefore, I propose the development of a strong, lightweight, collapsible line of luggage.
Brainstorm/Design Solution
Make a suitcase that will collapse in upon itself but is durable, offers content protection, is lightweight and looks cool. This will not only help with storage but also with transportation of the luggage. By using collapsible luggage you help make room for other things were ever you store your luggage. Also with collapsible luggage you do not have to completely fill up your luggage it will get smaller if you don't fill it up all the way.This will help because center airlines charge for the high of you baggage as well as the weight.
Build Test/Gather Materials and Evaluate
The materials need and used are: Coroplast, Posterboard, Teloscoping Pointer, Masking tape, and a Zipper.
To test this we built the luggage out of the materials stated to test its collapsible. However with the finished prototype, there were a few adjustments, such as
the titanium rods were removed
Define the problem: problems store in luggage.Brainstorming: was done with a group. Design: blueprint was made to show ideas.
Build: The materials used were: Coroplast, Posterboard, Teloscoping Pointer, Masking tape, and a Zipper. Share: The invention was shared by presenting it to the class and hopefully Tumi (But maybe just the class).

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