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Remaining Open to Continuous Learning

Goal: Learning how to play the guitar
Plan: Practice at least 2 times every week on break
Spring break goes from Dec. 18 to Jan. 3 which means the its 17 days long. So I will practice at least 4 times.
Dec. 19th
Dec. 26th
Dec. 28
Dec. 29
Jan. 2
What I did
Practiced for 30 mins. Begining to learn some new chordslike G, F, D and E but dont have them memorized...yet.
My cousin's boyfriend showed me a bunch of new things like tuning, a bunch of songs, and how he learned.
Found the tablature to In the End by Linkin Park and am going to start teaching myself how to play it.
Practiced the In the End Tabs. Gonna be a while before I can actually play it
Got tabs to Never too Late by one of my favorite bands, Three DAys Grace.
Instead of getting frustrated that I don't have anyone to teach me, I am still willing to try to teach myself and not give up.
I took this info and now i'm going to try to follow his advice and get some pages of tablature and teach myself some songs
Remaining open to starting songs and not giving up.
Going to keep practicing instead of quiting.
Going to learn as much as I can and atempt to play it.....eventually.( might be a LONG time before i can actually play it though)